Saturday, November 30, 2013

Two Families

I saw a family photo with a mother's two living children and a picture of her first baby who died. I loved the idea, but when I think about doing something similar with my kids, I feel awkward about it. It's like I have had two separate families; two separate lives. I don't even have a family picture of SB, N, J, the King, and me because we thought we had lots of time. We didn't know that it would only be 29 days before SB died. I still grieve the loss of my first set of kids, even as I rejoice over the precious lives of  Raccoon and Kitty. I still look at my two sometimes and can't believe that they're here to stay.

November 30, 2008, was the last day that N and J were mine. I am thankful that they went somewhere they were dearly loved and taken care of well. I miss them still and as always, I hope some day to hear how they are doing. Maybe this Christmas, my wish will come true.

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