Monday, December 29, 2014

Goodbye 2014

When I am happy, I often have little to say, oddly enough. I write less and just enjoy living my life more. These past few months have slipped by in a happy blur. Life has a pleasant rhythm, most days, and my children are growing up. I see it in my son, who works on projects independently now, and in my daughter who is talking a blue streak. We are in a season of quiet growth, and it is the first time in years that I feel like I can breath again.

I still have intense children. Two. My mom said something when she came down about Kitty, "So she's a handful too, hmmm?" And honestly, until that point, I had never considered her one because to me, compared to Raccoon, she seemed so different and honestly, much easier. But it made me think, and since June, I've realized that Kitty has her own set of needs which can be time-consuming and demanding as well. I have two strong-willed children. No wonder I'm tired at night. But I love both of my bright, intense, busy children very much. I am grateful to have them.

Grace. 2014 has been so full of grace.

I think my word for 2015 is going to be roots. I just want to settle in to this new life we have, to really ground my children in the things that matter. To focus on the present and not always be looking ahead.

Thank you, Jesus, what a wonderful year. Not without it's bumps, but good, nonetheless.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Waiting for Puppies

I have two very, very fat dogs. Tomorrow is Storm's duedate. Any guesses how many she'll have? Mine is four.

Jewel unfortunately mated with Peluche, my friend's dog. At the time, I was furious. I let her out one door and followed not two minutes later, and there they were, all tied up. But on Thursday, Peluche was poisoned and died. It comforted my friend to think that she can have one of Peluche's sons, and hopefully he'll be as special to her as his father was.

So good comes, even from my soon-to-be mutt puppies.

Much else has happened, but Kitty is ready for nite-nite. Sometimes, I cannot write of the big things, only the little ones. And I write much of my pets becaue I'm not worried that someday they'll be embarrassed that their stories are online. :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Donut Story

A little more than ten years ago, my husband and I flew to Florida from Oregon for spring break. We had just bought a new video camera, state of the art, and I used it all week, recording mundane conversations and a few great nuggets with my grandparents. The other day I grabbed the camera from storage, knowing that I could watch the obsolete tapes on its mini-screen. I woke up thinking of my Grammie and wanting to hear her voice again. She had this great laugh. The first few minutes of the tape I chose had my favorite story she used to tell me all the time about donuts.

One day, she and I went to the grocery store, or it might have been my brother, none of us remembers, but there is my Grammie with a small version of one of us, and outside the grocery store, the delicious smell of fresh donuts.

"Oh, Grammie, smell the donuts!" one of us exclaimed.

She was so impressed that neither my brother nor I ever asked for treats, no matter how good they smelled, that from there on she bought us donut holes for breakfast every time we were at her house in the morning. We thought she was the best Grammie ever, donuts for breakfast!!

If I ever came into money, I would buy her old house, just for the happy memories. Christmas at her place was amazing. And Thanksgiving. And a lobster dinner every time we were going away to South America.

I love you, Grammie, thank you, and I miss you. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ducks RIP

Since moving here in February, we have lost one puppy, one hamster, four ducks, and nine chicks. Our dogs have been fine around our fowl for three weeks, but for some reason, this morning they snapped. Either that or another dog came in and did the damage, but that seems unlikely. Twelve chickens have survived, plus one who I don't think will make it through the night. Down from 20 fowl. All four ducks are dead, plus three chickens.

I felt sad, burying their fat, little bodies in our garden. But more than that, I feel discouraged that none of my projects seem to be working out.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pondering: The Danger of Quick Money

"A hardworking person inherits and thinks they are rich.  They quit work and start spending the funds.  In a few years, they are not only broke, but now they are lazy as well."

James Twining

My "If I Won the Lottery" Bucket List:

Not be lazy, nor raise lazy kids :)
Gifts to Family
Buy a house for my parents
Travel with family

I've read of several billionaires lately who want to give their fortunes away. I wish one of them would donate a nice sum to our nonprofit. We would love to buy a building for  evangelism, counseling, a Bible school, an early education center, a food pantry, and a clothes closet. Sort of like a Christian community center.

But money is not the answer, Jesus is. No matter what, I am incredibly happy and grateful for my more-than-enough life.