Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear 2018 Self,

Your son should be 9 and your daughter almost 6, depending on when you read this. As Raccoon enters preadolescence, his close friendship with Kitty* may become more distant. You should talk to her about this, prepare her for it. Help her find her own interests and hobbies. Help them to still play together peacefully (or at least with adequate arbitration/intervention). Don't let the relationship be lost.

I see this in my now 9 and 6 nephew and niece and I feel her confusion. Where did her best friend go? Who is this cranky stranger? I also think that it was about this time that my brother and I began to struggle to find things in common. He remembers it differently, but it was painful for me.

So, besides that, I hope that you're happily settled into some sort of school (home or other) with your elementary kids. You'd better be sleeping peacefully through the night! Maybe you're writing regularly? I hope so. Please be wiser and perhaps pursuing a God-given dream. I'll be watching you. Ha ha.

All my love,
Your 2013 Self

*previously Robin, I changed it to suit her more now that she's one.

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