Friday, January 1, 2016

Foody Friday: Changing Countries

Having a supertasting, resistant eater* can be challenging enough, but changing countries with one is enough to rip my heart out. It has been two months, and my son is just now finding new things to eat. When you change countries, everything tastes different. Everything. familiar foods like ketchup and rice are no longer safe. For the first month, he survived on pizza alone. Throw in his allergies and life feels impossible. We were down to 0 safe foods. He was hungry and miserable most of the time. Having meal after meal rejected, or reacted to, is discouraging for us and for him.

But slowly, sloooooowly, we seem to be turning a corner. Tonight he ate three chicken legs, made with teriyaki sauce. Seeing him devour a meal was enough to make me cry. Raccoon told me that if he'd known the food in the US was going to be so different, he wouldn't have come. My heart agrees with him.

It has been a hard road. Things were better but they are bad again. Please, Lord, help us find things that work. Before we travel East in February. May this new year be a good one for Raccoon.

*What is a resistant eater? It's not just picky. It's not a discipline problem or a lack of food training. It's someone who can taste everything and feel everything in the food. Something that would be unnoticeable to a regular eater is like a spoonful of chili powder to them.

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