Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taught and Caught

Some snippets from the last few Sundays...

"Kid's don't care about the thing, what they care about is the togetherness." - Me

The pastor was talking about how much his son loves watching football, and I thought back to how much I loved Christmas as a child. I think we hang onto what created the moments when all was well, whether it's sports or holidays or something else.

On the story of Gideon - "We can only win in circumstances that clearly show God's glory. This doesn't mean that Gideon did nothing. But when all was said and done, the only conclusion could be that God had done it." - D.U.

"We need to be connected to God in every area and season of life. Israel walked away in the everyday. When the enemy showed up and the crisis was there, God's power was gone." - D.U.

"I'm here for every need." - God

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