Friday, November 8, 2013

On Blogging and Belonging

Neither my life nor my blog have a specific theme. Motherhood yes, but loss too. Loss by death (SB), loss somewhat by choice (N&J), like a birth mother who gives up her children hoping it's best for them, but it breaks her heart all the same, except I was the foster mother.

Moments of grace like my pregnancies with Raccoon and Robin. Grateful for Raccoon. Grateful for Robin. Sad for what might have been and never was. Struggles, loss of dreams, of hope. Miracles. Living each day with paradox, choosing joy.

I am always looking to belong in a community. For awhile, I read a lot of infertility and adoption blogs, but even though I share some of the feelings, I don't really fit in those worlds. Today, I feel like a community of one.

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