Monday, December 31, 2012

Word Of The Year 2013: PEACE

And the winner is...


Although this wasn't actually on my list of contenders for WOTY, it's been something my husband have talked about over and over again. We need more peace in our lives and in our home. There are going to be a lot of changes in our lives in 2013, so this is going to be interesting, to say the the least.

From the blogs I follow:
Journey to Josie chose get down.
Laughing at Chaos chose enough.
Raising Lifelong Learners chose simplify.

And there are lots more here at one word 365 (a site I looked at this year for the first time).

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Packing Away 2012

When I was growing up, our Christmas decorations stayed up well into January. But now that I have a family of my own, things are definitely different. I still decorate at the beginning of December, but I can expect the inevitable question on December 26th from my husband, "When are you going to take the tree down?" And my answer is also unchanging, "Before the family party on the 31st."

Where I live, Christmas is a quiet holiday, while New Year's Eve is widely celebrated. On December 31st, we traditionally hold an all-family gathering at our house, which means 35+ adults, teens and children all squished into one medium-size space. Although not huge, our house is by far the largest in the family and therefore the default location. This means that we need every available inch, especially in the living/dining area, for our traditional midnight meal.

All of this is to explain why I have such strong motivation each year to take down my Christmas things before the New Year. I like to think of it as packing away the year, and it gives me a few quiet moments for reflection. This year I wonder what 2013 will hold for us. We plan on being in the U.S. for Christmas next year, and any time we make a country move, we can never be truly sure of our return date. When will I next unpack these Christmas ornaments?

Laughing at Chaos wrote a post today in response to a challenge - what did you do right in 2012? This thought intrigues me as well because I spend far more time dwelling on all of the things I do wrong, daily.

So with one day left to the year, here is my list:

1) Kept Raccoon home. I was seriously considering sending him to preschool this year and even went so far as to visit three different ones at different points in the year. But I could never quite commit to the decision, and looking back, it was best for him to be home. Will I feel the same in 2013? We'll see.

2) Baby Robin. Of course, this won't really be complete until she's home with us in 2013, but I'm glad that my second (and last, I think!) pregnancy is almost over. I hoped that we'd all be in a much better place by the time she was born (mostly in the sleeping department), but we'll just have to figure out this crazy family life together. Regardless, I wouldn't take back the decision to go for #2 no matter what.

3) Had my first regular alone time since Raccoon was born, three years ago. It started out more as an accident, I needed to do some tedious paperwork, so my husband offered to stay home with Raccoon for the first time ever. Raccoon had SEVERE separation anxiety, the kind that made the regular clingy-toddler-phase look fun. Add to this his exceptional memory, freak-out meltdowns, and ability to hold a grudge, and I don't blame my husband for not trying before. The first few times were hard (and short), but my paperwork dragged on and on, and eventually, week after week, Raccoon started to have fun. Today was the first time I ever left him under non-family adult supervision with some other kids at a neighborhood party for a few minutes and he didn't even miss me.  

4) Decided to let go and choose to be open to new possibilities in 2013.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Introducing Siblings & Pictures

There was one idea that I forgot to mention in my previous post about how to help Raccoon adjust to the baby. (I also don't remember where I saw it, but it's not mine.) Since Raccoon doesn't remember all the attention he got as a baby, it's a great time to get out his baby pictures and show him how we did the same things for him that we'll do for Robin.

My computer also periodically reminds me that I have never backed up any of my photos from the last three years, so I'm combining this into a "make a special photo album for Raccoon and backup CD" project. Since Raccoon's "I hate pictures" phase started sometime after he turned a year old, I don't actually expect it to take too long for me to pick out my favorites from his first three years. We'll see if those are famous last words, as my mom would say. I have one more month before baby Robin comes and the nesting-I-have-to-get-everything-done-right-now instinct is finally starting to kick in. Here's a picture of Raccoon:


Moments after birth, October 13, 2009

Monday, December 24, 2012

Family Portraits

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

When I see one of those perfect studio family portraits, where even the toddlers sit still and smile, it drives me crazy. I admit that I'm jealous, but I also have an instant, negative reaction to apparent perfection. I love authenticity.

Any time my son sees a camera he throws his hands up in front of his face and yells, "No Mama, no camera. No pictures!" Wait, I thought that wasn't supposed to start till adolescence?! Because of this, smiling family photos (even if they are frequently blurry, just my luck!) are worth their weight in gold around here.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant

I had my latest appointment at almost 33 weeks. She has been doing acrobatics in my belly, so on my list of questions was to ask if the umbilical cord was around her neck. Sure enough, she's got one loop there. My doctor is very mellow and said it's not a problem. After I got home, I like to look at the ultrasound printout he gives me each visit because it shows what week she's measuring at and my estimated due date. Most of the measurements were at 34 weeks, but I noticed that one of the measurements was only at 30 weeks, her AC. After consulting with Dr. Google, turns out this is abdominal circumference.

When there is a significant discrepency between HC (head circumference) and AC, it can mean that the baby's growth is being restricted by something, and the condition is called IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). Generally this is determined by weight percentiles, and my doctor did say her weight is fine for her gestational age (4 lbs something), but IUGR can also be determined by measurements. I probably wouldn't have even thought anything of it, except that I'd just recently heard of it on another blog I follow.

My doctor said everything is fine and that she's doing beautifully, so right now this is all in my mind. I still felt very worried for the next few days after the appointment, because as I've mentioned before, I have been concerned (up until now without reason) about baby Robin during this pregnancy in a way that I never was with Raccoon. I just want everything to turn out well.

My next appointment is January 7th, but I may go in December 28th if my doctor is going to be in the office. In the meantime, I hope. I trust. And I continue to pray. As if to reassure me, baby Robin has been more active then ever the last few days. I feel like her foot is going to pop right out of my belly. But I welcome the reminder that she is there, and so far, all is well.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Is it 2013 yet?

Well, with several illnesses, allergy outbreaks, vehicle troubles, severe sleeplessness, financial questions, and just general chaos, this December has pretty much been a bust in terms of resting up before the baby comes in January (or early February). Today I was supposed to do a FlyLady update, but that's been a bust, too.

I was hoping to take Raccoon to several of our Christmas parties, to teach him about giving to those less fortunate to celebrate Christ. We ended up only making it to one place, where Raccoon promptly caught a horrible cold virus and we are now all on the verge of collapse. Sigh. Not exactly what I had in mind for a cheery Christmas.

My way of coping is to make a PLAN. So now, my new plan for 2013, at least January and February, is to STAY HOME. More and more I have been letting Raccoon eat things that he should not have with his allergies (like Christmas candy, pizza, cookies, lollipops, etc), because it is hard for me to constantly tell him no when we are out and about. I tell myself, "It'll be okay," but it is actually not okay. He gets rashes, fevers, doesn't sleep, and the list goes on. I need to adhere to his dietary restrictions, for the sake of all of us.

This means talking to the playgroup moms, again, and asking them to please not bring snacks he can't have. This means not eating out, anywhere. This means grocery shopping completely and on time each week so that I have alternatives to offer him. This means cutting out some easy meals I've come to rely on to fill in his limited diet. I hope that this also means a happier and healthier Raccoon who once again sleeps through the night (remember, that actually means only 6-7 consecutive hours).

Here's to trying again in the new year, which gives me 9 more days to contemplate my favorite Charlie Brown quote:

“Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, ‘Where have I gone wrong’.
Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night.”
                                                                            ― Charles M. Schulz

Friday, December 21, 2012

Foody Friday

Seeing Raccoon eat and eat and eat, even if it is from his limited menu, is one of my greatest joys. I'd rather write about our rare days of triumph than the many, many days that we struggle with eating. More often than not, my days are consumed by food-related thoughts and questions as I keep a mental list of what I've offered and what has been eaten, played with, spit out, or totally rejeccted.

Has he eaten enough? Is he gaining weight? Is he growing? Is he getting enough variety? Did I remember to give him his acid reflux medication (twice a day) and his vitamins? Will he eat this, and can he, with all of his allergies? And if he does eat X, what consequences will we all suffer (crankiness, sleeplessness, tummyache, rash, hives)?

But yesterday I got a break from all the worrying. It was not only a good day, but awesome! which looks like this for Raccoon:

8 purple grapes (halved, no seeds)
mozzarella cheese (20-ish 1 cm cubes)
2 slices chicken ham (cut into squares)
1 medium apple (whole, although sometimes I slice it)
small bowl of noodles w/spaghetti sauce
1 c. herbal tea (lemongrass, also called hierba luisa)
1 raw carrot (quartered, half spit out, half went down, new!)
small bowl of rice w/ ketchup
1/2 filet white fish (broiled w/salt)
1/2 c. chocolate rice milk (new!)
several cups of water

I don't know how this compares to what an average 3 year old eats in a day, but for Raccoon, it's a huge amount of food and cause for celebration. With the exception of a few fruits and meat, this is also pretty much a list of the only foods (except for the two new items) we can count on him eating consistently.

Foody Friday is my way of sharing the struggles and joys of having a resistant eater, the category way beyond picky.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Even if I knew the world was ending tomorrow...

I'd still choose to be right here with you tonight, watching you sleep. Although if it were certain, I would have let you have more icecream today.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift

For each of these little ones, a home of their own would be the perfect gift for this Christmas. My special prayers are for Lina, that just the right family would find her soon.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Haply I Think on Thee

When in disgrace with Fortune and men's eyes,
 I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd,
Desiring this man's art, and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least.
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

–William Shakespeare (Sonnet 29)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Silent Sunday

Nothing today except some moments of silence to mourn with all of the families who lost children at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

FlyLady Challenge - Week 2

So the only things that have stuck from Week 1 (31 Beginner Baby Steps) are:

* Day 1 - Shine your sink (I'm trying to do this every day, and the few days that I didn't I could see the depressing difference when I came down in the morning. I decided then and there that I'd rather wash dishes at night in an exhausted stupor than face them in the morning when my oomph is zero.)

* Day 6 - Do a 2 min Hot Spot clean (my dining room table, maybe I get to this every other day)

* Day 2 - Get dressed to shoes (surprisingly I've been doing this more once I'm up-up, and it's not bad)

On to Week 2!

New things for this week:

Day 9 - 5 minute room rescue (pick up any room)
Day 10 - 15 minute trash pick-up and 15 min read something for pleasure
Day 11 - Add an Inspiration page to control journal binder
Day 12 - Delete FlyLady e-mails
Day 13 - Do a zone mission
Day 14 - Read Kelly's info on calendar usage
Day 15 - Add making the bed to my morning routine

So this week has pretty much been a bust, except for Day 12, Day 14, and Day 15 (which I was already doing).

These are FlyLady's inspirational thoughts (Day 11):

•You can do anything for 15 minutes
•Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family
•You can’t organize clutter; you can only get rid of it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Christmas Wishes

Mama Pants over at The Family Pants posted her 5 Christmas wishes, and says, "I believe that when you speak your heart aloud, you create the possibility."

I really like that thought, so here are mine (in random order):

1) That 2013 is a year of peace for our family. We have been through a lot in the last few years and could use a joyful, easy, and wonderful year. How this will fit in with several possible moves, a new baby, and many other changes, I don't know, but that's why it's a wish, right?

2) Healthy pregnancies and take-home babies for some special mommas on my prayer list.

3) Time with my family.

4) Baby Robin, please be the most mellow baby ever to balance out your wonderful and, um, high maintainence brother. If you are (or aren't), we won't ever take you for granted, I promise. Also, if you could not have any allergies or acid reflux, that would be awesome.

5) I'd put something like "for my faith to grow" but that usually involves trials, so I'm too scared for that wish. But I would love it if the non-profit organization that my husband and I work for increased in financial stability and was able to reach more people with the good news of Jesus.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Loving the Hurt

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."
Mother Teresa

"If I had my life to do over again... I'd find you sooner so I could love you longer."

Check out Zoey's update!!! I mentioned her story back in November and now she has a family. Woohooo!

And to add a random thought... The other day in the car, my husband and I were talking about how life had turned out differently than we expected. I mentioned that I wasn't really the person I thought I was and he replied, "Yeah, you're no Mother Teresa, you're more like Hilary Clinton."

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Men and Crying Women

Okay, I confess. I read Yahoo! news. Mostly I just scan the headlines, but every now and then I click on an article. I just couldn't resist this one about cliches that are true. There is a reason for one of the secrets of the universe - why men can't stand women crying. You are curious too? Well, now you know.

"Cliché #4: Men get uncomfortable when women cry in front of them

Ask any guy how he feels about crying, and he’ll probably say that there’s nothing worse than seeing a woman reduced to tears in his presence. But men aren’t exactly being insensitive jerks; rather, their discomfort with tears has biological roots. A paper published in the journal Science found that female tears actually contain odorless chemicals that physically turn men off. When researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel had 24 men aged 23-40 sniff jars containing either female tears or several drops of a salt solution, then had them rate women’s faces for sexual attractiveness, 71 percent of the subjects who sniffed the female tears found the women to be less attractive. What’s more, men who took a whiff of the jar containing human tears showed reduced levels of arousal, a slower breathing rate, and lower levels of the male hormone, testosterone (which could explain why shedding a few tears around a man will make him agree to anything, as long as you stop)."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here Comes a Sibling

I have been wondering lately how Raccoon will do with the new baby, once he figures out that she's here to stay. I hope to continue adding to this blog post as I find new ideas. So far, most of the ones I've come across have been for the first day, or at most week.

* Make sure you're not holding the baby the first time the older sibling sees you at the clinic, or when you come home

* Have a gift exchange between him/her and the new baby

* Expose your child to other newborns or young babies before your baby's birth

* Involve the older child in the baby's care (helping wipe, etc), or provide them with their own baby to change and feed

* Make the older child your helper (bring diapers, wipes, blanket, toys, etc)

* Let him or her be "the baby" for a while too with extra cuddles

* Tell the baby he/she has to wait a minute while you help your older child (from the book, Siblings Without Rivalry)

(Sorry, I can't remember where I saw all of these ideas, some are probably from BabyCenter, but they're not mine.)

These are some additional things I've thought of preparing ahead of time for the first month when I will be recovering from giving birth and (hopefully!) spending a lot of time in bed or resting:

* Activities Raccoon can do with me while I'm lying down - reading books, imaginary play, stickers, coloring/cutting, baggies with surprises

* Activities we can do while baby Robin nurses - play doh, trampoline (him not us!), snack time

* Things we can do with baby Robin (towards 1 m+)- bathtime with Raccoon in tub and her in a bouncy chair, tummy time, walks

And finally, there are things I hope to do to help them be friends as they grow up.

* Play together as a family

* Help them find common ground and things to enjoy together

* Communicate as a family

* Read Siblings Without Rivalry (I've seen some excerpts but want to read the whole book)

My only brother is 2.5 years older than I am, but we are different in so many ways that it was hard to find things we both liked to do. In elementary school, we played together some, mostly things like Monopoly, Legoes, and watching cartoons on Saturdays. Once he hit middle and high school, the gap between us grew and since then we've each had our separate lives. Books, movies and our parents were (and are) pretty much our only common ground.

I think each generation does the best it can, and I know that I'll make many mistakes (and already have) as a parent. But hopefully with each generation there is improvement, too. With Raccoon and Robin, my prayer is that they will talk to each other, trust each other, and have a strong bond that will last into their adult years.  

Monday, December 10, 2012

Contenders for WOTY

What will my Word(s) of the Year be for 2013? This is my brainstorming list so far:

"Enjoy" - It is a follow-up to my December word, celebrate, but it's also more than that. Next year will bring change to our family, with many firsts and lasts. I want to savor the moments that my children are young, despite the craziness.

"Challenge" - I'm not sure exactly how this would evolve, but I realized in November (NaBloPoMo) and December (FlyLady) that I find challenges motivating and that I can surprise myself.

"Open" - I need to work on being myself openly. If I choose this as my theme, I would also focus on being open to new things, open to change, and open to believing that good things are coming.

"Simplify" - When I feel exhausted, I think about this. It feels like there isn't much more I can cut out of my life right now, but this year, as things (hopefully!) improve, I'm sure I'll face the temptation to take on more and more.

P.S. Today is my dear hubby's birthday. I married my best friend, and now, 11 years later, he is still the one who is always by my side. I love you.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Robin

As much as I wonder how I will manage with two, I am impatient to hold you, to discover what you are like, and to have you safely here. Two more months. You still have so much growing to do. I know that you wiggle like crazy when I get close to the heat of the stove, or when I tell Raccoon bedtime stories. If he leans on my belly, you kick him right back. You get the hiccups and move a lot, but I like the reminder that you're having a good time in there.

I have been so tired and overwhelmed lately that I haven't been grateful enough. I didn't think that I would ever be pregnant again, yet here I am, and here you are. No matter what, you are an amazing miracle, and I am so thankful for you. I do want to enjoy each moment, since two months will go by in a blink. Your brother is three years old already, that's how I know that time really does fly.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

FlyLady Challenge - Week 1

See this post for Days 1-3. These are based on the FlyLady's 31 Beginner Baby Steps, a plan for better household management.

Day 4 - Write my list so far on a sticky note and put in my bathroom and kitchen.

Since one of my goals is to see if these things make a difference to my husband, I don't really want to put it all out there. So I modified this to: Day 4 - Keep track of my progress by blogging. Although looking at my actually success/failure below, perhaps I do need a list somewhere I can see it every day.

Day 5 - Turn the ugly words in your head into something positive. In terms of housekeeping, for me this would be from "You'll never be good enough," to "I can do this!" Maybe I should put that on a sticky note instead.

Day 6 - Put out your Hot Spot for two minutes. Or in other words, work on keeping it clutter-free for two minutes a day. For me, this is my dining room table.

Day 7 - Pick out your clothes for tomorrow. This is a iffy one. Do I really want/need this habit?

Day 8 - Write down your morning and before-bed routines. This would be great, if I had any. I don't even have a fixed bedtime, just snatching sleep here and there whenever (and as much!) as I can. But as she says, this is a work in progress. So far, I have three things on my morning list and two on my before bed list.

End of week 1 - my modified list:

1) Shine your sink
2) Get dressed in the morning.
3) Read FlyLady e-mails.
4) Blog about it.
5) Tell myself, "I can do this!"
6) De-clutter Dining Room Table (my Hot Spot)
7) Choose clothes for tomorrow.
8) Write down morning/before bed routines.

#1 - I thought that this one at least would be a great thing to do every day in December. I did great for the 1st-4th, then the 5th and 6th I sort of did it (does a 2 am washing count when I was up for a few hours with Raccoon?).
#2 - Mostly, but not right when I get up. Unless my husband is off to work early, I hang on to the hope that I might be able to go back to bed.
#3 - I unsubscribed to the e-mails because what I had in mind was one or two with a goal or task for the day, but there were easily 10 about all sorts of things. Sorry, too many for me!
#4 - Check.
#5 - Forgot.
#6 - Um, once or twice this week?
#7 - Nope.
#8 - Check.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Foody Friday

When I think back on my childhood, I don't feel like I was a selective eater (like my son). But upon reading this post I had to rethink things, especially after the last line, "Next time your cousin or co-worker shows up to a get together around food claiming she already ate, don’t judge.  Show her where the rolls are and don’t question what she eats." I remember my mom saying that I lived on rolls and plain noodles with butter whenever we were away from home, which - due to my parent's jobs - was every weekend from when I was 6 to almost 9 years old. My mom also says we were a remarkably picky family, but it didn't necessarily seem like it because she only made things we would eat.

According to the above post, there are 3 factors involved in selective eating, and Raccoon has them all. No wonder we struggle!

Physical - Does the subject have environmental or food allergies? Does the subject have an acute sense of smell or taste? Yes and yes.

Sensory (Neurological) - Sensory issues? Yes. Super sensitive to texture? Yes. Are "safe foods" brand specific? Oh boy.

Psychological  - Reflux or digestive disorders? Yes and yes.

Around middle school, I remember suddenly liking many more things (such as tomatoes and beans), so I'm holding on to hope for my son.

Foody Friday is my way of sharing the struggles and joys of having a resistant eater, the category way beyond picky.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa and the Pidwidgen

I love Christmas traditions - decorating the tree, making/frosting sugar cookies, lighting candles for Advent, hanging stockings, and lots more. This year has been even more fun now that Raccoon is old enough to join in. He doesn't stay on task long, but it gives me a glimpse of years to come.

One of my favorite family traditions is Advent. My mom would wrap a little something for my brother and I to open each night, along with reading us something special. One year, she pulled out a newspaper story that she'd cut out as a child called Santa and the Pidwidgen. It's just a silly story about how Santa Claus supposedly came to be, but my brother and I loved it. Sitting around the tree, listening to her voice and laughing together, it was magical. Years ago, my mom made a copy for me and I have kept it in my Christmas box ever since.

This year, with Raccoon's new love of stories, I thought it would be the perfect time to start. So far, we've followed Claus far from his home to the Sopchoppy Ferry and to Elfland, where he's picked up a sidekick, Patrick Tweedleknees. Tomorrow he faces a giant.

I don't really have a point, I just wanted to share a happy Christmas memory from the past and the one in the making.

Edited to add: I Can Teach My Child had a guest post today from 1+1+1=1 (the same place where I link up my homeschool blog for Tot School) about Favorite Family Traditions. Jenae says, "I firmly believe that traditions help shape our children’s memories of their childhood and draw us closer together as a family." Aha! I knew there was a reason Santa and the Pidwidgen deserved a post.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I saw this news article about a dog who adopted three tiger cubs, and it was a good reminder that sometimes, anything is possible.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas with you in Heaven

I'm looking forward to following Small Bird Studios'

I have wallet-size photos of SB, N, and J, but I haven't decided whether I want to put each one on an ornament, a stocking, a candle, or something else. I am going to make a color copy so that if I mess up it is not the end of the world. Below is the pictures I plan to use of SB.

SB (11 months old)
b. 7/17/05 
came to us 6/06
d. 7/28/07

N (5 years old)
b. 8/03, came to us 6/07, left 12/08
adopted 7/09

J (3.5 years old)
b. 12/04, came to us 6/07, left 12/08
adopted 7/09

Ultimately, I am not sad that N and J were adopted, because I believe it was by a loving, Christian family. What I mourn is that they are no longer part of my life. I wish that I had done things differently so that we could have been their forever family. I miss them; I would like to know how they are doing; I pray for them often; and I hope that they are happy.

I am including all three of "my girls" here because I want to celebrate their lives and the time they spent with us. I also want Raccoon and baby Robin to grow up knowing their stories.

Monday, December 3, 2012


I am always trying to teach Raccoon to persevere since he gets frustrated very easily. My dad put this on facebook, and I'm posting it here so I can find it when Raccoon is older.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

My FlyLady Challenge Begins

She calls them 31 Beginner Baby Steps, but I figured if I rephased it, I'd be more likely to do it - kind of like a cleaning NaBloPoMo. She says, "Our FlyLady system is all about establishing little habits that string together into simple routines to help your day run on automatic pilot." I'm not sure if this will actually work for me, or if December is the best time to start, but carpe diem.

So yesterday, Day 1 - Shine your sink. Of course this is just a sneaky way of saying do the dishes before bed so you wake up to a clean kitchen.

Mission accomplished.

Today, Day 2 - Get dressed to lace-up shoes when you first get up in the morning, including doing your hair and face.

This one I'm not sure about, since I frequently go back to bed if I can. Raccoon only sleeps about 7 hours a night (and still wakes up in the middle), so my husband - a morning person - often lets me have a little more sleep after I get Raccoon settled with his breakfast and cartoons. Also, neither Raccoon nor I wear shoes inside. Therefore I shall modify this to:

Day 2 - Get dressed (including hair, face, and teeth) every morning and pick out my shoes for the day.

This isn't much of a change since I already do it (mostly), but if I could just get these habits to stick with Raccoon. Currently, any one of those 4 things is like trying to fight WWIII. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow, Day 3 - Explore the FlyLady's BigTent group. I watched the welcome video and clicked on a few tabs. I honestly wasn't that impressed with the way it navigates, but what I'm mostly interested in are the daily e-mails, which have all the content of the "news" section anyway.

Because this is a cumulative challenge, my daily list now looks like:

1) Shine your sink.
2) Get dressed in the morning.
3) Read the FlyLady e-mails.

Stay tuned for Days 4-8, coming on Saturday!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Muddy Joy

In my journal, I whine write too much about the hard things. I won't lie, they are there. But I also want my child(ren) to know the wonder that I felt watching them grow up. Things like Raccoon's hand searching for me in the night (Mama?) and his sleepy contentment simply to be in my presence.

Yesterday there was magic amidst the mundane; I want to burn it into my memory. Raccoon was so brave, falling and getting up, mud in his eyes, on his face and covering his hands. Delight. It was cold, of course I was worried he'd get sick, but it was a moment that we both let everything go. Just to be. Pure joy.

Today is December 1st. As 2012 is winding down, I have chosen a new word for this month:


If you'd like to see more pictures of our November good times, check out my monthly post in the "Moments to Remember" series on my homeschool blog.