Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Never Bucket List

Last year during Nablopomo, I posted a bucket list. This summer, I saw an I'll-never-do-that list over at Laughing at Chaos, and I thought, "I could never do that because I never say never." (I don't need to tempt fate, I've already got enough to deal with. You know how it is with the missionary who says she will never go to Africa, right? I heard that story in Sunday School and have not said I'll never do anything since. Until now.)

But here is my list of I-think-it's-safe-to-say-that-I'll-never...

* go sky diving
* climb Mount Everest (or anything that requires camping in the snow)
* be fluent in Russian, Chinese, German, French, or any other well-known language
* have an immaculate house (sorry, honey!)
* wax anything (again)
* sail around the world
* watch (another) horror movie
* be a professional athlete
* have a perfume named after me
* be paid to sing (or any type of performance, come to think of it)

This list is of things that I-can't-say-never-but-it's-highly-unlikely-that-I'll-ever...

* hold a public office
* live in Europe
* have more children
* shave my head
* sleep alone on an island
* meet anyone famous
* visit outer space

This list is my not-looking-good-but-still-hoping-I-may...

* play an instrument in a ensemble
* pick up a hobby (besides blogging)
* write a book
* travel the world
* attend conferences on topics of interest to me
* choose camping as my ideal vacation
* go back to college
* make a significant discovery (like a cure for cancer type thing, not just, whoa, I'm an INFP, which is significant to me, but not to anyone else, YKWIM?)

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