Sunday, November 3, 2013

On Not Writing

Walker Evans (photographer) said, "I wanted so much to write that I couldn't write a word."

Yes. That sums up why I'm giving up, three days in (not on the daily post, but on actually finishing anything I have pending in my drafts that requires time and effort and more than 10 minutes of coherent thought). 

Now that I've lowered your expectations here's what I do have for today. I just finished watching Monster University

I have a 4 year old, so I've seen most (every?) major child's movie released in the last ten years. Pixar's movies are by far my favorites. I like Mike Wazowski's story, how he wasn't afraid to work hard for his dream despite its improbability. And I liked Pixar's take, that we do have to adapt to certain circumstances.

When it comes to big dreams, the more I want something, the more it seems to actually be wrong for me. I certainly didn't choose my first dream all that suitably. I'm thinking that my second choice, writing, might not be it for me either, although I think it's something I'll always enjoy as a hobby. I am afraid that I have a knack for this instead - choosing the wrong dreams. Hopefully, along the way I'll stumble into something I'm good at that's good for me too.

What's next? I don't know. But my 2014 word of the year is DREAM. And to just go where the river takes me (while staying sane at home all day with my adorable and more-persistant-than-a-wave-of-zombies children, whom I love). (Hello Raccoon and Robin if you ever read this someday. I know I seem old to you today, but someday you'll think 31 is young. XOXO, Mom).

P.S. i forgot that the King is taking our laptop on a trip for ten days right in the middle of Nablopomo. Things are about to get hairy. Writing deep, thought-provoking posts on my son's iPad, even if I do manage to wrestle it away from him? Proooooooooobably not going to happen. But in honor of modified dreams everywhere, I'm still going to give it a go.

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