Monday, November 18, 2013

On A Lot Going On

"While the study confirms that recovery from a lousy childhood is possible, memories of a happy childhood are a lifelong source of strength." From here (the Grant Study)

This past week has been really tough. Colds, croup, husband travelling (back tomorrow!!!), facing fears, revisiting childhood things, squishing everything into one room so that a remodel can go on all around us, lots of crankiness and little sleep (kids and me), a lot of uncertainty about the immediate future and one mommy who just wants some space to breathe before I dive back into the fray.

A happy childhood? Not feeling so successful at that. Raccoon hid under a blanket today and said, "You're being mean to me." I'm sorry, little one. Sometimes I forget that we all feel the strain. The dishes can wait (they've been sitting there for days, one more won't matter) and we're taking time for some cuddles. And maybe another try at the puzzle that we gave up on.

Oh, and teething, I forgot to mention that. And my baby girl said Mama for the first time today. You know, the first time it means "Get over here right now and pick me up!"

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