Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lost in Translation

Years ago while I was in-between kids (after N and J, pregnant with Raccoon), I did translations for an adoption agency. Recently, one of the families contacted me and asked for some translation assistance for their second daughter's paperwork. A diplomat no less. Sure, I thought, a little extra cash would come in handy. I told her I'd have it done in a week. Ha ha.

Miss Robin hasn't slept in days and Raccoon spent the week fine-tuning his whine to the perfect drive-me-crazy pitch. My husband and I finally figured out after too many hard days that Raccoon picked this week to freak out about baby Robin's apparently permanent inclusion in our family. So I am now two days away from my deadline and no work has been done. By some miracle, they both fell asleep around the same time tonight, so I sacrificed some precious shut-eye to get started.

This is when I realized that my brain has officially turned to mush. It's a good thing I told her that I charge by the page and not the hour, because it took me 45 minutes to just find a rusty state of flow again. Of course, two minutes after that Robin woke up. Then randomly fell asleep again as soon as I turned off my computer. Now I am off to bed for some well-deserved zzzzzzzz's, although I'm pretty sure that by the time I get comfy, she'll decide it's time to nurse. Such is life. A blessed mess.

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