Monday, March 18, 2013


Bunbun. Remember the little girl I mentioned a few days ago? In case I have more news to share, I felt that she needed a blog name. I decided to add Rabbit to my forest friends, Raccoon and Robin. But Rabbit is kind of a cold name for a little girl, so her nickname will be Bunbun.

I mentioned Bunbun to one of my sisters-in-law, asking her to pray for a family for her. To my surprise, she said, "I'll do it." But what about your husband? I asked. "He'll say yes," she said with absolute conviction. And he did. So in the upcoming weeks we will be working with a mutual contact to see if the mother is interested in my SIL and BIL as a foster family for her little girl.

But all is not cheery and well. I spoke to that contact today, who knows more of her story... growing up in a prison can lead to some serious stuff, even if she is only three. And her mom... if she came to know Jesus, how amazing that would be, but if not, she's one tough cookie. 

Honestly, I wanted to back out. I even wrote an e-mail to stop everything, recommending a local orphanage I know of instead. But at the last minute, I felt a quiet voice in my spirit saying, "Let it go." Instead, I sent the letter of introduction with pictures that I had prepared for the mother. It is the scary things that require us to step out in faith. But this time, I am scared for the ones I love, which is harder than being scared for myself. 

I am afraid of more heartbreak, especially for my extended family, 
but Jesus' heart broke for us. 
I'm afraid of legal problems and safety issues, 
but the Lord is our defender, so whom should I fear? 
My SIL and BIL are so innocent, 
so unprepared if Bunbun turns out to be a hurricane. 
Who will help them since we won't be here? 
Jesus will never leave them nor forsake them. 

My fears went on and on, but He had a gentle reply for each of them. Jesus said in John 13:35, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Bunbun, and her mother, need to feel Jesus' love through us, His hands and feet. In the end, as Jen Hatmaker says, "I so desperately want it said of me that I loved well."

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