Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Robin

You are five weeks old, and things are starting to come together for us as a family. We went on our first walk yesterday with big brother to buy him a treat and show you off to all of our neighborhood friends. Then in the afternoon we went to the park. You slept through both, but today during our afternoon park excursion you were wide awake. Daddy commented today, "We sure do produce wiggly babies!" If I let you push against my hands with your feet, you can scootch all the way across the bed. You can also roll over (more like falling over, but you like it) if I put you belly down on a pillow on the bed.

I love how sweetly you fall asleep against my shoulder. I always knew when your brother fell asleep as a baby because it was like someone flipped a switch on the energizer bunny from on to off. But you snuggle so quietly, perfectly happy, then drift off. I have to see if those beautiful chocolate eyes are closed to be sure.


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