Friday, March 1, 2013


All of a sudden, this moment in my life is exactly where I want to be. Balance. Love. I was catching up on some blog reading tonight and saw this phrase (which I'd never heard before), "...the grass really is greener where you water it." It struck me as profound for some reason, as exactly right for where I am today. So much of my life has been spent wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else, or being someone else. Now, a month into this mother-of-two life, I am finally centered here, in the now.

As you can probably tell, yesterday was one of those I-hope-we-all-live-through-this kind of days. But today... today was better. Much better. I think that is going to be a theme for me this year, the difference that a day (and sleep!) can make. Robin slept regularly, giving me time to spend with Raccoon, which improved his behavior dramatically. Both of us desperately needed some mommy-and-me time. It also gave my husband a break and some time to bond with Robin.

We're still a split family, doing most things two by two, but there are moments of fourness, like when my husband played the guitar for us and sang. It only lasted a few minutes because then Raccoon hit Robin with a pillow while I was holding her, and ran away because he felt bad. But hey, I'll take it. It's a process. We're adapting. Adjusting. Opening up to make room for this new little life. We're all learning.

Watering my grass, I think this is the piece that I have been missing for too long. Although where I am planted is about to radically change in a month or so, but more on that another day...

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