Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Secret Messages, Part 1

I want to participate in Angie Smith's Subtext challenge because I tell Raccoon that I love him a lot, but I'm not sure he feels it. The goal is to discover the messages that I give my kids that don't agree with my heart or "main message" for them. Right now, this is mostly for Raccoon since Robin is happy eating, sleeping, and being held at this point. Angie writes, "I just know that others are blessed when we’re walking in humility..." So here I go.

My heart:
*I have time for you.
*I want to play with you.
*I'm listening, completely focused on you.
*Jesus is the center of our lives.
*People are more important than things.

My words and actions:
*I know I fail at all of these but I'm going to try and observe myself to see how bad it is (ouch!) and how I can change for the better. The first step for most change is awareness, hopefully.
*One message I give with my actions is "I'm happiest when you're not bothering me," there's some painful honesty right there.
*Handling anger, it's an area where both Raccoon and I struggle. I tell him how to do it, but don't model it.
*How many times a day do I say, "Wait a minute" or put him off so I can finish something unimportant, usually on the computer. (I'm doing it right now, poor Robin is waiting for a diaper change so off I go.)

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