Saturday, December 15, 2012

FlyLady Challenge - Week 2

So the only things that have stuck from Week 1 (31 Beginner Baby Steps) are:

* Day 1 - Shine your sink (I'm trying to do this every day, and the few days that I didn't I could see the depressing difference when I came down in the morning. I decided then and there that I'd rather wash dishes at night in an exhausted stupor than face them in the morning when my oomph is zero.)

* Day 6 - Do a 2 min Hot Spot clean (my dining room table, maybe I get to this every other day)

* Day 2 - Get dressed to shoes (surprisingly I've been doing this more once I'm up-up, and it's not bad)

On to Week 2!

New things for this week:

Day 9 - 5 minute room rescue (pick up any room)
Day 10 - 15 minute trash pick-up and 15 min read something for pleasure
Day 11 - Add an Inspiration page to control journal binder
Day 12 - Delete FlyLady e-mails
Day 13 - Do a zone mission
Day 14 - Read Kelly's info on calendar usage
Day 15 - Add making the bed to my morning routine

So this week has pretty much been a bust, except for Day 12, Day 14, and Day 15 (which I was already doing).

These are FlyLady's inspirational thoughts (Day 11):

•You can do anything for 15 minutes
•Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family
•You can’t organize clutter; you can only get rid of it.

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