Monday, December 10, 2012

Contenders for WOTY

What will my Word(s) of the Year be for 2013? This is my brainstorming list so far:

"Enjoy" - It is a follow-up to my December word, celebrate, but it's also more than that. Next year will bring change to our family, with many firsts and lasts. I want to savor the moments that my children are young, despite the craziness.

"Challenge" - I'm not sure exactly how this would evolve, but I realized in November (NaBloPoMo) and December (FlyLady) that I find challenges motivating and that I can surprise myself.

"Open" - I need to work on being myself openly. If I choose this as my theme, I would also focus on being open to new things, open to change, and open to believing that good things are coming.

"Simplify" - When I feel exhausted, I think about this. It feels like there isn't much more I can cut out of my life right now, but this year, as things (hopefully!) improve, I'm sure I'll face the temptation to take on more and more.

P.S. Today is my dear hubby's birthday. I married my best friend, and now, 11 years later, he is still the one who is always by my side. I love you.

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