Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Christmas Wishes

Mama Pants over at The Family Pants posted her 5 Christmas wishes, and says, "I believe that when you speak your heart aloud, you create the possibility."

I really like that thought, so here are mine (in random order):

1) That 2013 is a year of peace for our family. We have been through a lot in the last few years and could use a joyful, easy, and wonderful year. How this will fit in with several possible moves, a new baby, and many other changes, I don't know, but that's why it's a wish, right?

2) Healthy pregnancies and take-home babies for some special mommas on my prayer list.

3) Time with my family.

4) Baby Robin, please be the most mellow baby ever to balance out your wonderful and, um, high maintainence brother. If you are (or aren't), we won't ever take you for granted, I promise. Also, if you could not have any allergies or acid reflux, that would be awesome.

5) I'd put something like "for my faith to grow" but that usually involves trials, so I'm too scared for that wish. But I would love it if the non-profit organization that my husband and I work for increased in financial stability and was able to reach more people with the good news of Jesus.

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