Saturday, December 8, 2012

FlyLady Challenge - Week 1

See this post for Days 1-3. These are based on the FlyLady's 31 Beginner Baby Steps, a plan for better household management.

Day 4 - Write my list so far on a sticky note and put in my bathroom and kitchen.

Since one of my goals is to see if these things make a difference to my husband, I don't really want to put it all out there. So I modified this to: Day 4 - Keep track of my progress by blogging. Although looking at my actually success/failure below, perhaps I do need a list somewhere I can see it every day.

Day 5 - Turn the ugly words in your head into something positive. In terms of housekeeping, for me this would be from "You'll never be good enough," to "I can do this!" Maybe I should put that on a sticky note instead.

Day 6 - Put out your Hot Spot for two minutes. Or in other words, work on keeping it clutter-free for two minutes a day. For me, this is my dining room table.

Day 7 - Pick out your clothes for tomorrow. This is a iffy one. Do I really want/need this habit?

Day 8 - Write down your morning and before-bed routines. This would be great, if I had any. I don't even have a fixed bedtime, just snatching sleep here and there whenever (and as much!) as I can. But as she says, this is a work in progress. So far, I have three things on my morning list and two on my before bed list.

End of week 1 - my modified list:

1) Shine your sink
2) Get dressed in the morning.
3) Read FlyLady e-mails.
4) Blog about it.
5) Tell myself, "I can do this!"
6) De-clutter Dining Room Table (my Hot Spot)
7) Choose clothes for tomorrow.
8) Write down morning/before bed routines.

#1 - I thought that this one at least would be a great thing to do every day in December. I did great for the 1st-4th, then the 5th and 6th I sort of did it (does a 2 am washing count when I was up for a few hours with Raccoon?).
#2 - Mostly, but not right when I get up. Unless my husband is off to work early, I hang on to the hope that I might be able to go back to bed.
#3 - I unsubscribed to the e-mails because what I had in mind was one or two with a goal or task for the day, but there were easily 10 about all sorts of things. Sorry, too many for me!
#4 - Check.
#5 - Forgot.
#6 - Um, once or twice this week?
#7 - Nope.
#8 - Check.

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