Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Word(s) of the Year 2012: DO IT NOW

I've heard from a few different friends that instead of making resolutions, they are choosing one word to describe their hopes/goals for the new year. I like that, and decided to choose one as well.

I like grateful, but didn't want to copy. Certain things in my life are hard, and I have been kind of whiney (mostly in my head) in 2011. I do want to change my focus in 2012 to what I have and the positive things in my life.

Enjoy was also on my list, but even more than this is my need to take charge of my housekeeping skills. Ugh. This could potentially be the tipping point for my marriage and a happy home for Raccoon because my husband is a neat-freak. My mother-in-law pretty much summed up my problem. She told me, "You don't take the time, in the moment, to be neat. If you would just do it as you go, it wouldn't be so bad." I have to admit, it's true. There are many, many things I would rather be doing, and usually choose, instead of cleaning/re-cleaning/and keeping things picked up.

With this in mind, here they are, my words of the year:


When I walk through the spare room and see the unfolded laundry, do it now.
When I want to put off doing the dishes, making my bed, putting away my clothes, ad infinitum, do it now.

 I changed my blog header to celebrate, and also as a reminder to myself. I'll let you know in January, 2013, if it worked.

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