Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am... Curious

I once heard someone say something like, "I'm curious about things that I'm not even interested in," and the phrase stuck with me, because I also have a raging sense of curiosity. I especially like hearing people talk about things they are passionate about, even if it's not a topic I find interesting independently. This is why I took AP Biology in high school, simply because I enjoyed the teacher's enthusiasm. Lately I've been wondering...

1) How can my son and I get the same amount of sleep (7 hours on a good night and a 2 hour nap), but he's raring to go all day and I am barely conscious?

2) How do people just let go of the mistakes they've made, you know, the really big ones?

3) Why does the kitchen light sometimes work for me and sometimes not, yet it unfailingly turns on for my husband?

4) Why do weird things happen to me? When I come home with stories, my husband just shakes his head and sighs, as if somehow everything must be my fault because nothing out of the ordinary ever happens to him.

5) Where do all of my lost things go? If misplacing things was an art form, then I'd be at 42 instead of 41 on my bucket list. The house I currently live in is like the Bermuda Triangle for random objects. I am currently looking for my engagement ring (the stone fell out so I put it "somewhere safe" until I could get the sapphire replaced), my cookie cutters, most of my socks, and other odd things.

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