Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have a...


Three weeks from today will be our first full day in our new home in WA. The feelings of panic and I'm-not-ready-for-this have already settled themselves like a rock in my stomach. Everywhere I look in my house is a mess of decisions waiting to be made. I am quickly running out of storage space because "just a few boxes" has turned into many more than I expected. Decision fatigue has stepped in. I wonder, if I just threw all those random papers away, would I miss any of them? Probably not.

As I was standing in my son's room feeling overwhelmed, I came up with THE PLAN. I am going to put stuff in his suitcase that I know is going. The rest of the things that need to be sorted (keep/sell/give away), I am going to move into the guest bedroom. I plan to do this with each room so that there will be only one room I need to face and I can walk around the rest of my house in peace.

There are some rooms where I cannot do this, like the kitchen. Some of the things that we use everyday I can't pack away until the end, but I have to sort everything else by our April 21st yard sale.

Wish me luck!

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