Saturday, April 13, 2013

42 Months

I can't believe he's in the 40s. :) It's a downhill slide from here to 48 months. Soon we will be celebrating four years with my little man, the light of my life, the first sign that the winter of my life was thawing and spring would come. The last of the baby years are gone.

I see a lot of monthly posts about kids up through a year, but rarely past that. I haven't done one every month, but I wanted to pause today and just celebrate our everyday life. 42 months may not seem like a normal milestone, but it's the longest I've had any child yet. SB lived with us for 13 months while N and J stayed for 17. Robin is just at two months, so new that I forgot to put her name on a birthday card today.

Some Non-Typical Milestones to Remember:

*I love how he starts counting at four. One, two and three are so overrated.
*He's going through a mommy phase. After Robin was born he was all about Daddy, but he's switched back to wanting to do something's with me now that she has a routine.
*I've heard him singing lately, a sign that my non-smiley son is nevertheless happy.
*He gave up naps last month.
*I can let him go into another room at playgroup without anything catastrophic happening. He has begun to play and share and take turns. Way to go, little man!

I have two children. I am doing this! On the rare days that we split the kids between me and the hubby, one seems so easy now. I wonder if that is the way a mother of ten feels about five. :)

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