Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moving Jitters

Only two more days before we leave. There are so many questions swirling through my mind.

Will we like it there?
Will I be able to keep Raccoon's allergies under control?
Will the house be cold (and expensive to heat)?
Will we get along with my family?
Will we see my family often enough?
Will Raccoon forget all of his Spanish?
Will others understand Raccoon and his quirks?
Will I find a doctor I like for them, who is readily available and not too expensive?
Will I remember to bring everything important with us?
Will we see a bear in our yard? (this one is also Raccoon's hope and fear)
Will we all be able to switch cultures successfully?
Will we be able to live in the house for longer than the summer?
Will Raccoon adjust to sitting in the back seat by himself?
Will Raccoon like school, which he'll start in the fall?
Will I gain weight like I have every other time we've been in the States?
Will we each be able to make friends?
Will I find another group of moms to hang out with?
Will we be accepted?

I am feeling excited, overwhelmed, anxious, and happy all at the same time. Stay tuned for...

Adventures and Trials in Washington State!!!

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