Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Still Packing

The happy sounds and the mess at the dining room table are steadily growing, but these days I encourage any reasonable self-entertaining activity that allows me time to finish sorting/packing/storing. I have five days left and am the closest to done packing that I've ever been this many days before. Usually it's an hour before we leave for the airport when I'm finally "done." This procrastination rehabilitation was thanks to a repeated dream in which it is time to go to the airport and I am desperately not ready. I have now lived through that anxiety five times in dream world and have no desire to repeat it in real life. Thank-you motivation. I am now officially done with everything that will be stored and everything else is either going or will be given away by my mother-in-law after we leave.

Unfortunately, because of sentence #1, my house still looks like it was hit by a natural disaster. But we are all fairly happy and peaceful today, so I am pretending to be oblivious.

Only three suitcases, two carry-ons and one family left to get ready.

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