Friday, May 31, 2013

Foody Friday

"You decided to go home on purpose," I heard Raccoon whine as he stormed down the hallway. Hello mealtime woes. He would much rather be outside shooting arrows at a fake deer, or pretty much doing anything else, rather than sit down to eat.

Changing countries has been particularly hard on my super-taster* because every.single.thing. looks, smells, and tastes differently. Add to this the fact that he was sick his first two weeks in the U.S., and he is very allergic to corn which limits our options, and you have our recipe for disaster. He lost 3 incredibly hard-earned pounds. Just for perspective, he only gained a total of 4 pounds last year, so 3 pounds is 9 months of work for us.

There was only one thing he would eat consistently, a special homemade pizza, so I made it over and over and over again. But eventually he got tired of that too. Fortunately, he seemed to be willing to try some new things week three, but then he didn't like them or didn't feel well after eating them, so he completely shut down week four. Which brings us to now.

I open my full fridge and honestly have no idea what to serve him. Most of the items on his limited "will eat" menu are now in the "won't eat" category. The ONLY things on his current "will eat" list are: apples, watermelon, fried meat, hot dogs, chips, and tilapia. He has a few maybes: grapes, cantaloupe, mozzarella cheese, vanilla ice cream (yes, I'm that desperate), rice, and French fries.

It's a dark place to be, folks.

*  "A supertaster is someone with an extremely sensitive sense of taste and smell.  They are able to detect minute amounts of spices and flavours that others can barely detect.  What seems subtle to the average person is overwhelmingly pungent, and often offensive to a supertaster.  More than half of those with Selective Eating Disorder (SED) are thought to be supertasters." Mealtime Hostage

Foody Friday is my way of sharing the struggles and joys of having a resistant eater, the category way beyond picky.

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