Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Winning Me Over

I frequently browse through blogs that a friend has shared or that I stumble across. I honestly don't become a faithful reader of many, but the ones I like the most have three things in common: honesty, frequent posts, and a story. This is why I especially like "trying to get pregnant" and adoption blogs, because they are working towards a goal. The fastest way to lose me as a reader is to not post anything for weeks. The posts don't all have to be exciting, I like reading about almost anything once I'm invested.

When I think of my own blog, I have the first two things, but no goal or overall unifying theme. I don't even fit into a blogging category besides "life." I just write about whatever pops into my head, or my current worries. Could I change this? Perhaps. Am I writing this looking for readers? Nope. So I shall muddle along doing what I like. If you are stopping by, I hope you'll stick around.

Coming soon... How my grass grows pizza. (See? I'm adding in a little suspense for good measure.)


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