Sunday, May 5, 2013

Choices? Loving It!!!

We have arrived in Washington State. Woohoo! The flight was atrocious (an overnight, bad idea) and both my children have been sick (finding a doctor in a new town, not fun). But now, on our fifth day, we are finally feeling better and ready to begin our U.S. adventures.

I wrote a post about choice fatigue, but surprisingly, I am loving all the options so far, at least when it comes to food. It is awesome to see my son eating and drinking new things that I know won't hurt him! He didn't want to eat anything the first few days, to the point where I was very worried, but things are okay now. His new favorites? All-natural popsicles, organic chicken hot dogs (no nitrates), and cereal (a generic honey o kind). Thank-you USA.

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  1. Glad you're settling in well! Hope both of your kids feel better soon.