Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Grass Grows Pizza...

Here is the story I promised you a week ago...

We moved into a new house with all new (to us) appliances. Most of them we've figured out how to use quite easily. The fridge - very cold (are those ice chunks in my almond milk? Yes.) The microwave - thirty seconds is more than enough, fifteen seconds is perfect for rewarming Raccoon's pizza.

Ahhhh, the pizza. My first try burned to a crisp in 20 minutes flat. Our kitchen is veeeeery far away from our living room, so no one smelled the smoke until it was too late. My husband was worried that we would set off the fire alarm, so he grabbed the pizza out of the oven and chucked it through the window onto the grass. The pizza (modified for allergies) was going to be a special surprise for Raccoon, but all was lost. However, culinary disasters are not new to me and my questionable kitchen skills, so I simply set about making another one. My mom, ever the economizer, called to ask if we couldn't at least save the cheese on top. The cheese that wasn't burnt black, of course. My husband peered at the pizza, now out in our back yard, and decided that some of it was edible. So he went into the living room and told Raccoon that our amazing American grass grew pizza. Raccoon, my little scientist, needed proof:

My dad saved the day by going to his favorite pizza place and checking the ingredients thoroughly for corn. Upon securing a corn-free pizza, Grampa was declared hero for the day.
Happily, my second try the next day (cooked for 10 min), came out perfectly. 

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