Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hosting an Orphan

When I was in high school (not in the US), a local orphanage allowed families to take a baby or toddler home for Christmas. I only recently heard of a family that regularly hosted older boys from Ukraine for the summer.

Go read this. Please? I especially feel drawn to the stories that Adeye posted about Russell and Janet, two high schoolers who are working so hard in school and want to study in the U.S. I hope each of these children gets a chance to be loved for 5 weeks this summer. And it greatly increases their chances of being adopted, by 80%!!! I can see why. With young children at home, I would worry about adopting an older child, unless I knew them specifically. So having 5 weeks to become well-known by a family or community is a great idea.

Maybe some day... until then I pray for this dream to come true for them.

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