Friday, January 11, 2013

Three weeks?

Most of my posts this months are probably going to be baby related, sorry to be a bore. But I pretty much only have one thought left in my brain at this point, "When will she come?" My clinic dr said he's guessing Feb 3 based on her measurements today, which matches up with how I'm counting the weeks. I'm fine with that since I know that this time around 3 weeks will fly by. But he also said that she's at 6 lbs and may come anytime now. I'm fine with that too. I'm feeling a pleasant sense of well-being today, which hopefully will last however long it is until she comes.

One of my childhood friends just had her baby today. She'd waited ten days or so to see if she could have a vbac but her body never got started, so today she had a c-section. When I visited her at the clinic this morning, I felt envious that she knew exactly when she'd get to meet her daughter. But I know and hope and pray that baby Robin will be here soon. It's seeming more and more real every day.

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