Saturday, January 12, 2013


Weeks pregnant: 37
Raccoon's age: 39 months
Things left on my absolutely have to do list: 3
Weight gained so far: 35 lbs
Psalm I read today: 68
Books I checked out of the library just for me: 3
Books for Raccoon: 7
Days until my mom comes: 22
Months since I've seen her: 10
Minutes until I take a nap: 5

I finished a large work commitment today and it feels great. My next work thing isn't until April/May. I feel like I can finally say I'm ready for you baby Robin! I made room in Raccoon's bureau today for Robin's clothes and for the first time, I could actually picture using them. I could imagine a little bit of what having her be a part of our family will be like. I am definitely loving my word of the year -peace- and feeling more of it.

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