Friday, January 18, 2013

Picture Project

Everything on my to-do-before-baby list is done, except for my goal of picking out and printing off pictures from Raccoon's first 39 months. So far I am only up to his 4 month pictures. I know that somewhere around two years old, I worried if Raccoon was a happy child. At some point, anxiety and camera phobia took over my sweet boy, but looking back at his pictures, I had forgotten that he was a very smiley baby.

Besides helping Raccoon see that we cared for him as a baby just like we'll care for baby Robin, I also have two other reasons for this photo project... I want to remind myself that we both survived his baby years, and also, I am a second child. My brother has an album all to himself, and I have some solo pictures, but it's pretty much the two of us from there on out. If I have my favorites of Raccoon printed off, I hope to be somewhat fair in remembering to take a similar amount of pictures of Robin too.

4 months, what a charmer!!

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