Monday, January 14, 2013

A little excitement

I was having contractions quite constantly yesterday afternoon, evening and all through the night. I finished packing for the clinic just in case, but then this morning they stopped. It was nice to think of meeting Robin so soon, but I'm fine with waiting a few more weeks too. It did inspire me to finish a few things on my to do list, I'm down to just 2 very important things left.

My husband took Raccoon out shopping this morning so I could catch up on my sleep (a first!). It was amazing to sleep in such a quiet house. For three years I have been the light of Raccoon's life and he's never wanted to be away from me. Then all of a sudden, he's ready to go and never looked back. All because of the promise of a buying a large plastic snake. It is wonderful and suffocating and maturing to be needed so completely by another little person. Then it's over. So today I am celebrating his growth and a little sad, all at the same time.

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  1. I know the feeling! It's bittersweet for sure. But what great timing! It'll be nice when the new baby arrives that he's more willing to separate. Hopefully it's a sign that the transition from being an only child to a big brother will be a smooth one :)