Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am... Living Overseas

As you could probably tell from yesterday's post, I do not currently live in the United States, although I was born there. I like this post that talks about raising children overseas. I also partially grew up overseas (from 10 years old on), so I think of some things from a child's point of view. And now that I am a mother raising my own child overseas, there are other things I wonder about.

* Raccoon is growing up bilingual
* The richness and diversity that surrounds us
* Climate - year round warm temps

* I miss my extended family, especially my parents.
* Sometimes I wish I could count on little things working the way they're "supposed" to, such as running hot water and my printer.
* Those body image comments, yup, could live without those

Good and Bad
* We are surrounded by beauty but also incredible poverty. Raccoon will not have a life insulated from human suffering and need.

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