Monday, November 5, 2012

I am... Amazed

at how much my baby has grown up between 2 and 3 years old. Some things I'm celebrating:

* After co-sleeping with us since he was an infant, Raccoon moved to his own bed in April and has never looked back. Dear Uncle R., I will be forever grateful to you for the Cars air mattress and sleeping bag at your house the nights we slept over, which were the catalyst for this unexpected development.

* Potty training - I'm still amazed when he stops playing and takes himself off to successfully take care of business. It's so much less work now <huge sigh of relief>.

* I weaned him at 35 months old. I don't share this much since most people thought he was already weaned long before that (towards the end we only nursed privately at home). With all of his allergies, eating struggles, and meltdowns, it was still a necessary part of our lives until recently. I'm very proud of him for this particular "big boy" transition.

* Although we still deal with daily meltdowns, they are less frequent and intense. He can tolerate so many more things now than he used to. Bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, washing his face and hands, grocery shopping, doing errands, riding in the car... all these things are slowly becoming less of a struggle. His imagination has really taken off this year, and part of the way he processes things when the world is too much is to help me make up stories about his favorite imaginary friends, Peter (a little boy) and Jon (a dragon), who have to deal with similar struggles.

What will I write about next year, what will he accomplish between 3 and 4? Whatever it is, I know that another year with you, my little man, will be equally amazing.

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