Sunday, November 11, 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant

Or 30, depending on various factors and two different doctor opinions. But I'm sticking with 28 since I'd rather have her "early" than "late."

How has this pregnancy been different than my first? I feel like everything has been earlier - feeling her move (10 wks!), heartburn, feeling huge, not sleeping, the waddle, prego brain fog... I'm still waiting for the "pregnant glow," although my mom did say I look well, but I'm not sure mom-comments count. Everyone else has pretty much stuck to variations of the "You don't look that pregnant..." except for my husband who affectionately calls my belly "his little mountain." During Raccoon's pregnancy I called myself "the whale," because seriously, I was that huge, and looked like I was carrying a tire around my waist instead of a cute baby belly.

We have finally declared a truce picked a name. Now just for spelling and fine-tuning the pronunciation between two languages.

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