Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Words I Needed to Hear

Raccoon slept for four hours this afternoon. We have had a rough two weeks with his sleeping, more than our usual state of sleeplessness. So I should have been sleeping as well, but I woke up after an hour or so and couldn't get back to sleep. I am not a worrier in general, but I was feeling particularly anxious about some family things. I started to blog surf to get my mind off things, aimlessly wandering around from post to post. I finally figured out that I was looking for good news somewhere to cheer me up. Ironically, most of the posts I read were about waiting and offered no concrete conclusion one way or the other.

Raccoon woke up and I continued to feel on edge. I set him up with his afternap snack and cartoon and began to do dishes. Suddenly it came to me - what I really wanted was for someone to tell me that it's all going to be okay. My dad's large medical/financial need, this pregnancy, my ability to cope as a mother of two, the future of my children, and just life in general.

As soon as I was done the dishes, I called my dad since he was supposed to receive news today, one way or the other. Much to my surprise, he said that someone at his church had stepped in and provided the money he needed to go ahead with the surgery. I'd expected A or B, but this was a wonderful C. And I felt a quiet reassurance in my soul that no matter what comes, I am not forgotten. The Lord holds me in His hand.

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