Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 Year Old Milestones

As I've mentioned before, I like to check up on Raccoon's development every now and then using PBS' Child Development Tracker.

Under 3 year olds "Creative Arts," one of the items is:
*Chooses colors and media that match his or her mood.

Raccoon predominantly likes to color in black, although he's branched out to blue and green lately as well. He likes strong colors (that certainly matches his personality!), becoming easily frustrated with yellow because it doesn't show up as clearly.

Not sure about:

* Can describe what is pleasing about his or her own art (e.g., asks you to hang his or her art on the wall because it is a "happy" painting).

*Writing and Letter Recognition (Raccoon scribbles and says it's so and so's "name" but other than that has completely NO interest. Not sure this will be happening this year!)

Areas of strength
*Imaginative play (doesn't need any props at all, retelling/acting out stories)

Work on:
*The average child has the capacity to acquire four to six words per day, given access to new words in his or her daily experiences. OH MY!

*Perception of speech sounds that aren't used in native language continues to decrease. Exposure to a second or a third language helps children to continue to perceive a wider range of speech sounds, making learning a second language easier.

*What adults can do to nurture sound awareness in children of this age: expose them frequently to nursery rhymes, songs and poems that contain rhyming words; explicitly label rhyming words as "rhymes" for the child; point out words that begin with the same sound; and play games that encourage children to identify rhyming words and words that begin with the same sound.

To Be Continued.... Mathematics

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