Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So Much

We are recovering from all of Raccoon's birthday fun last week. Three years old! There is so much that I want to say about this milestone and how I feel that I can't seem to write anything at all. I didn't plan anything for this year, so his maternal grandmother threw him a suprise party. It was fun but it's taken us three days to get over the effects of all the junk food (it interrupts his sleeping, digestion, and makes him cranky).

On the other hand, Baby Robin was quiet over the weekend but back to her normal activity today. We thought we had two names all picked out for her, variations on our mother's names, but my husband can't remember the name I picked. I can tell because he comes home, puts his hand on my belly, and says, "How's.... the baby?" :) And the one I picked also sounds like "mane" or "big hair" in Spanish, so I'm worried that people will laugh. Back to the drawing board, sigh. Good thing we have awhile still.

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