Friday, October 5, 2012

Foody Friday

This week has been up and down with food, but Raccoon surprised me by eating three pieces of sushi, seaweed and all (with lots of soy sauce, which turned out to not be a good idea). He also ate half of a hamburger on a different day. Usually he doesn't like anything with hamburg, but I smothered it in ketchup. Eggs are hit or miss, but I can often count on him eating one or two a week with gusto, so I just keep offering them in case it's one of those days.

Some other things that work(ed):

* Small portions - he likes novelty of asking for more.

* Offering him one "last bite" is a good way to get in just a little bit more.

* Counting bites - sometimes it's all about getting him started.

* Stretching out time between meals a little to make sure he's hungry helps.

I really liked this post about the different types of eaters over at the SPD Blogger Network.

Foody Fridays are a chance for me to record and share eating ideas that work with my son's sensitivities. One of our main challenges is that his food preferences (which are fairly limited anyway) change often, so what works one day will fail the next. But as I tell my son, we persevere.

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