Friday, October 26, 2012

Foody Friday

"What should we have for lunch?" I ask out loud as if my son is going to suddenly suggest a well-balanced meal, full of new and healthy foods. Because really, the question is not so much what can I make, but what will he eat? It is an unsolvable mystery to both of us, why some things go down and others do not. Often the same thing will have two opposite responses on two different days.

Is my son eating enough? This question haunts me all day long as I keep a mental list of what he's swallowed and how much. My husband spent the day with Raccoon recently since I had to do errands. When I got home, he commented, "Raccoon doesn't eat much, does he?" Other days that they've spent less time together, my husband has had pretty good luck getting him to eat, but not that day, and for the first time he saw what I struggle with almost every day. My husband commented that he'd made hamburgers for lunch, but after a bite or two, Raccoon found a piece of onion in his and wouldn't eat anymore. I was impressed that Raccoon had tried them at all.

His pediatrician isn't worried because his weight is okay on her chart, but he's tall for his age, so when I figure out his body mass index (BMI) he's only at the 3rd percentile. Anything less than the fifth percentile for BMI is considered underweight. If he were two cm shorter and the same weight, then he'd be at the 12th percentile. Or if he were the same height and two pounds heavier, he'd be at the 19th percentile. So I'm not overly worried, but I do keep a close eye on all things food in our home.

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