Monday, October 8, 2012

Confirmed! We're having a...


I had another ultrasound today and baby Robin is definitely a girl. No more doubts as the doctor got a clear view, and so did dear hubby and I. I feel at peace about it and am looking forward to buying some girlie things. We've had three girls, but no girl newborns so headbands and baby dresses, here I come! Raccoon was there too and enjoyed hearing her heartbeat.

My other good news is that she has also turned head-down, which I attribute to a big push Raccoon gave my stomach earlier today before I could stop him. Who knows, but I'm just glad she's settling in. The doctor moved my due date back to my original one, which puts me at almost 25 weeks, but I think I'm going to keep counting weeks as if I'm still 23, that way when I get to the end, time will fly by, especially if she comes "early" at 38 weeks. Raccoon came at 41 weeks, so I'm not holding my breath for a January 23rd delivery.

And our beach trip is back on! We had planned to go for Raccoon's birthday this month but couldn't get the lodging to work out, so we cancelled the trip. Then today at the birth clinic I ran into a good friend and we decided both our families should go in November. She's also pregnant and due in January, so hopefully it'll be a nice break for all of us. It's been a great day for good news. I am so very thankful.


  1. Congrats! And I'm glad she turned. That's always a comfort to know the baby is settling in! Is your son excited to have a little sister?

    1. He was holding out for a little brother, but he's getting used to the idea of a sister. :)