Monday, November 2, 2015

What happened in 2015?

Not many blog posts, apparently.

Normally I'd boost my count a bit with Nablopomo, but not this month. I'm switching my efforts to the ridiculously fun (I hope!) Nanowrimo. But it may spill over here a bit, it's hard to say. Once the writing gate opens in my life, there is often a flood. I may even peek at the Nablopomo prompts and see if they inspire me.

What does 2016 hold? A move back to the US, deciding whether or not to continue homeschooling Raccoon, and a lot of traveling. Every time I see a blogger put that she wants to post more, she often stops altogether. So I will not say that.

But I live a better, richer life when I process things through writing. I have stopped journaling and blogging, and my life is poorer for it. Writing helps me to stop and appreciate things, and to remember what is important. So I will think about posting more and put "more blog time" on the vague list of "Things I Want."

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