Friday, November 20, 2015

It's the Little Things

There is soap and toilet paper in every bathroom, even hot water. Youtube videos load seamlessly. So many choices stare back at me from every side, even at the thrift store. I find myself fascinated by TV commercials. I don't know any of the people talked about on TV. Cars stop and wait for me to cross the street. I left the car unlocked while the kids and I were at the park. It smells different, fresher without the smog and dust. The cashiers are friendly. It gets dark at 4 pm. My children wake up at 4 am, feeling like it's 7 am. Raccoon complained that these are the worst nights ever because he thought he had to stay in bed until it got light out around 8 am. The sun didn't shine today until noon. We were the only ones at the park. Car seats are not optional. The houses here are warmer than our cement house in South America, but outside it is much colder. We were wearing winter jackets and snow pants at the park today and saw a woman yesterday (same temperatures) wearing capris and a light sweater. Raccoon and Kitty got three vaccinations each and nary a fever.

The kids asked to go home today. Raccoon wants to buy a dog and Kitty wants to go to her favorite play place. They were easily distracted, but here is not home, not yet.

Foods I've missed: raspberries, seaweed, countless varieties of almond milk, turkey bacon, hummus, cereal, pistachios, seedless grapes, and dried mangoes.

It's the little things that let me know that we're here, in the US.

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