Sunday, November 1, 2015

Saying Goodbye Sunday

Today we are off to visit a church we helped plant many years ago. I am excited to see the almost finished pastor apartment on the second floor, and to once again connect with our friends there. Spending the day away from our live volcano is also a plus.

This post is a bit of a placeholder as I expect to have additional reflections upon my return. To be continued...

I did enjoy today very much. It was amazing to see a body of Christ where 3 years ago there was nothing. Now there is a full church and a second floor pastor apartment. Thank you, Lord. The pastor and his wife gave our visitors some very touching gifts, traditional man and woman outfits, and then dressed them up. It reminded me that there are connections all over the world as Christians, and we truly are a family.

After the service, we went to a park with giant-sized playground equipment. It was fun to feel like a kid again, crawling and climbing all over the place. Raccoon continues to be fearless, while Kitty is interested but hesitant.

I am 13 minutes past my designated bedtime of midnight, so off I go after a very happy but tiring day.

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