Friday, November 13, 2015

Playing Together

Raccoon and Kitty are at a great age. Kitty is now just old enough to be fun to play with, as well as being old enough to drive Raccoon crazy in a way only a sister could. Sometimes they play, eat, or watch the iPad peacefully. The King and I have even caught ourselves sitting on the couch - together! - and talking. A miracle. But then after five or ten minutes, the complaints begin.

"Moooooommmmmmmmmmmy! She hit me!"
"Waaaaaa!" (that's Kitty)
"I didn't do anything."
"She hit me again!"
More "Waaaaaa!"

My classic question... "What were you doing when she hit you?"
"I took her toy" or "I wouldn't let her touch my _____" ad infinitum.

I will say that Raccoon is honest to a fault, even if it means telling on himself.

Me: "Kitty, no hitting. Raccoon, stop teasing her."

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Here is the illustrated version:

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