Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book Notes: Raising Your Spirited Child

"4. You have permission to take care of yourself. Your own need for sleep, quiet, uninterrupted adult conversation, lovemaking, a leisurely bath, a walk around the block, and time to complete your own projects is real and legitimate. It is not a sign of failure to ask a friend for help, to hire a sitter, or to allow relatives the opportunity to build a relationship with your child while you take a break. When you fulfill your needs you generate the energy to meet your child's needs."

I could cry, or laugh hysterically.

Permission is one thing, but actually doing something about it is another. Lately, I've been trying to build in several mini-breaks for myself. I've found it works better if I'm totally focused on Raccoon for awhile, with very involved imaginative play or physical activity, then I let him watch a little TV while I check my e-mail or prepare a meal.

It's an ongoing skill I think, balancing self-care with family needs and parenting responsibilities.

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