Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Most of the time, my son is like Road Runner and I feel like Coyote, trying to keep up. His little body seems often to pain him, and he is never at rest. But today at naptime, he woke up, snuggled, then just lie there next to me (completely still) until he gently drifted off to sleep again. Twice. I don't believe this has ever happened in all of his two years, until today. Not only one, but two perfect moments. It was like we'd found the secret garden and he could finally rest, at peace with himself and the world.

Raccoon also had a great time with a little next-door-neighbor in the park. She is 2 1/2, and usually will not play with him. Raccoon tried to interest her in a game of soccer, his favorite, but she walked away. Discouraged, he told me he wanted to, "Go home. Timi no play." I asked if he was sad and he said yeah. He walked part of the way home, then decided to try playing again. This is huge for him and I was very proud of his effort.

She still didn't want to play soccer, but she started following him around, and eventually they climbed up to a rundown shed and garden in the upper corner of the park. He went in first and peeked around the corner, "Come, Timi, come." She was undecided for awhile and I could see that Raccoon had his heart set on sharing his "house" with her. Finally, her curiosity got the better of her and she went in. Raccoon showed his joy by sharing some dead leaves with her. I was too far away to hear what he said they were. They went in and out of the house several times, each time Raccoon calling her and happy when she responded.

Moments of peace and moments of friendship. Miracles.

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