Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Interesting World

"If children have interest, then education will follow" - Arthur C Clarke

I hope I can show Raccoon that there are so many fascinating things in our world, even in mundane places. Whenever we go on a walk or play in the park, I try to show him the little details, like spiderwebs and dandelions. I love how almost anything in the natural world can interest him. Man-made things are trickier, as a lot of them tend to be smooth and plastic.

Right now he loves imaginative play. He wakes up in the morning and rushes downstairs to his playroom, where his "zoo" is all set up. In the afternoon, he likes to play mechanic or doctor in our living room. For the first time since he's born, we haven't been spending most of our days outside; he's found an ever-changing world in his imagination. I hope he always keeps that creativity and sense of wonder.

p.s. Raccoon learned to blow a whistle today.

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